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In several sessions people were talking about using from-life resources in the classroom. I think we all agree with contextualized learning and argue that this is why the Internet is so powerful because we have or more information now than any time before and we can easily bring resources to our students. These artifacts should be of relevance to our students, and therefore add credence to one’s lessons: think newspapers, advertisements, and/or interest inspired topics.

Well, how do you know if the reading level of that newspaper article is appropriate for your student? Copy and paste the article into a blank Word Document. Once in the document you can run the spell check and, if you have the preference set for “readability”, you will know the article’s grade equivalence.

From this point you can more easily decide which reading material is appropriate for facilitated or independent learning.

So… How do you set the preferences? Here is a step-by-step tutorial. And a video.

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