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Using what you’ve got

We need to teach students about the tech they have: think “Obama phone”.

What is this Obama phone? It is the slanderous term for The Federal Lifeline – a program that subsidizes the cost of mobile phones for those within 135% of the Federal Poverty Line. Interestingly the program began in 1985, and was extended to pre-pay mobile devices in 2005; I’m not exactly sure how President Obama got the credit for this necessary program, but there you go.

So, of our students that have state subsidized phones what are they doing with them? Probably not using them to their full potential.

If your student has an Android phone or tablet a Bluetooth mouse and Keyboard can be paired with it. If your student has an iPad or iPhone they can pair a Bluetooth keyboard with it. In so doing you can teach your students more computer based skills like double clicking and keyboarding that will help them not only in adult education programs, but in their life as well.

Long story short, stop investing as heavily in full weight computers and start teaching students how to use the tech in their pockets effectively.

I’m not saying trash computers, and never buy a laptop. I am saying you can modify your purchases with less expensive options, teach your students how to use the gamut of technology, and prep them for life beyond the 2014 GED(r) test.

Hopefully students will even make a similar investment themselves.

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