The purpose of this blog is to share ideas, build collaboration and get presentations to those interested. The page will be primarily focused on adult education themes, “how-tos” to implementing projects, and ways to integrate technology in the classroom to benefit both programs and students.  The intent is to use random ideas to generate forward movement in the adult ed classroom.

Barry Burkett is an adult educator in Frankfort, Kentucky.  He presents to groups nationally as well as virtual, international meetings. Burkett was recognized as a Top 10 Presenter at the Commission on Adult Basic Education National Conference in Louisville, Kentucky and has been asked to speak to adult education groups in Kentucky, Virginia and Georgia.  Beyond speaking engagements Burkett instructs in a program ranked in the top 10% of Kentucky’s 120 programs

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  1. i want to understand why should adult learners learn about technology because adult learners learn new information today by tommorow they have forgotten everything so according to me i think adults do not need anything new to confuse them further.

    • Well, that is the trick – not to confuse them any further. As an adult educator my goal is to get students to work on their literacy and numeracy skills, online seemed like the natural environment to work on those skills. Beyond that students were wanting to work, and the majority of jobs they wanted to apply for either required technology skills, or had an application that could only be submitted by computer. And most importantly the GED – the test most of my students were preparing for – was becoming (and is now) a fully computerized test.

      As far as forgetting how to use the tool I think you’re right, people do not retain what they do not use. In order to help students remember their e-mail addresses, how to write on computer, their passwords for other accounts we used the tools daily. Technology was integrated into their work so that it was not separate from a paper and pen.

      I don’t think adult learners should have to be forced to do anything they don’t feel comfortable doing, but technology is a tool that can benefit the learner.

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