Derby and Blogging

Well, I’ve been doing a lot of Blogging at Unfortunately I’m not able to follow those of you whose blogs I’ve come to enjoy. SO – I’ve decided to blog more here and then post over: this will be my trying ground. I look forward to seeing you and participating in your blogs more!

Onto the Kentucky Derby!  For those of you not in Kentucky I hope you realize this weekend is the Kentucky Derby – its basically a national holiday here. I highly recommend you drink a Mint Julep, have a Kentucky Hot Brown, and bet on some horses while keeping me in your thoughts.

Here is how to do it in a quick and easy way with fun for all ages. First, what is the derby without betting on horses? Make a “pool bag”.  In a pool bag place 1 name for each horse running the derby (there should be 21). On the outside of the bag label the price of a horse ($0.25, $1, $5 – whatever you deem fit) and SELL ALL TICKETS IN BAG. When the race runs whoever has the winning horse wins the bag! If you have a $1 pool bag, the winner gets the $21 pool… if you have a $20 bag the winner gets the $410 pool.  Fun, easy, and perfect for any age.

Second, The Kentucky Hot Brown: some people consider this Kentucky’s signature sandwich (disclosure – I do not care for the Hot Brown myself). Basically it is an open faced sandwich with turkey, melted cheese and bacon on top.  Here are the directions from whence the sandwich came, The Brown Hotel in downtown Louisville.

And, third, The Mint Julep. In Kentucky you can buy bottled, mint infused bourbon for this time of year. Personally I prefer to make mine. I think they are delicious and refreshing especially on hot afternoons. Here is the easiest way to make one – like a Mojito, except use bourbon instead of rum – crush mint into sugar with a pestle, pour in crushed ice, fill with bourbon, combine mixture (either shaken or by pouring back and forth) and add a sprig of fresh mint for looks. Enjoy!

If you really want to celebrate The Derby like you’re hosting a party here in the Bluegrass then the last thing you need is a TV on the back porch to watch the races. My favorite Derby was at a friends house years ago with the TV on the deck, Julep Bar just in the door and the creek flowing just beyond the yard. 

I hope you have a happy derby, and I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you next week!


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