IPad versus the others

I created this video March 21st. I’ve been trying to upload it from my phone since, but have not had luck. On the 27th I was able to attend a session at the COABE 2013 National Conference that explored the use of Androids in the classroom.  I am not going to say I am married to one device, I look forward to Android  and the Slate bringing more competition to the market – but at this point in time the iPad still wins out for me.

Please let me know if my assumptions are wrong.


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2 responses to “IPad versus the others

  1. iPads don’t allow flash, which kind of makes it “the other” for some of us out here promoting a flash-based educational program. That said, we’re able to get around that with the Puffin app. I’ve heard about a project that will bring Android tablets into correctional facilities. Not iPads, mind you. Too limiting in terms of what you can load on them.

    My point is, it depends on your needs. Androids are much more flexible and affordable. Whereas iPad’s might be the most intuitive and have that air of being the best. If you need it cheap, then there’s a kindle and then, the others. If you need it open source, then… you get the picture.

    • I agree that Apple has drawbacks. Puffin does make the device much more user friendly.

      Apple still has better battery life, and the App Store is great! But Google Play is already picking up market share with more and more handsets being Android. Battery life on Android devices can be controlled by limiting what apps do on the device.

      I think we will see the Android overtake Mac soon, but not yet.

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